Timber Tender Services

Our first concern is preventative management through comprehensive tree and plant health care.

However, in certain cases, a tree cannot defend itself against the onslaught of all the invasive pests, fungal diseases and climactic elements in a given season. When problems in your landscape occur, our arborists investigate each tree’s health, and recommend the most effective and environmentally sound remedies possible. Employing a state–of–the–art process of diagnosis and treatment, Timber Tender responds to the problems in your landscape with the most environmentally sensitive approach.


  • Airspade
  • Fertilization
  • Planting
  • Property & Construction Consultation
  • Pruning
  • Spray Programs—IPM
  • Storm Damage & Hazard Tree Removal
  • Tree Support Systems

The story is in the soil with most trees.

90% of tree problems occur in the area of the root zone where the tree obtains water, oxygen, and minerals from the soil. Problems with your trees may be caused by root injury due to soil compaction, dramatic change in soil [or mulch] depth, improper watering or fertilization and malnutrition, among many other biological elements. Where trees grow in forests and groups, their falling leaves create a “leaf litter” which decomposes to provide a natural fertilizer in which trees thrive and grow healthy.

This abundance of rich nutrients is rarely present in the suburban environment where manicured lawns, flower beds and mulching prevail. When one or more of these nutrients are deficient in the soil, the tree will not reach its full landscape potential, and will be more prone to disease, pest infestation and a shorter life–span than that of a similar, well–fertilized tree. Timber Tender cares for trees with a systemic approach, scientifically evaluating soil quality and fertilizing by distinct prescription on a case–by–case basis.